When your son or daughter is ready for ongoing dental care, the questions you have about what to expect and what to worry about may be overwhelming. Thankfully, Dr. Bushey and Dr. Ewing can be your reliable experts!

Below, youíll find plenty of answers to some of the most common questions we receive at our Dallas area practice. If you canít find the information youíre looking for, donít hesitate to contact us and ask directly.

We strongly recommend that parents schedule a first visit when their child is either six months of age or experiences their very first baby tooth poking through the gums Ė whichever comes first. While this visit wonít be like the full checkup that adults are used to, itís a good opportunity for our dentists to assess your babyís growing smile and provide helpful instructions for oral hygiene at home. We also offer several treatment options that are well-suited for infants.

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