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At Lakewood Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, our mission is to help kids throughout Lakewood and the greater Dallas, TX area achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Weíre proud to offer a range of pediatric dental and orthodontic treatments to our patients, and we work hard to foster a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment so every visit is a pleasant experience. For some kids, though, visiting the dentist is still just a little too much to handle Ė and thatís perfectly ok. For patients that have a hard time visiting the dentist, weíre happy to offer options to allow for a more comfortable experience.

Sedation Dentistry in Lakewood

Children who are very young or who have a high level of anxiety that interferes with the dentistsí ability to perform treatment may require some level of sedation. Sedation is also helpful for special needs children. There are many safe and effective drugs available today that can help relax the child and promote a good environment for optimal dental treatment. Our doctors are specially trained through their two years in pediatric dental residency, to administer conscious sedation methods in the office.
Conscious sedation is an option for children who are older (three years and above) and are mildly apprehensive. This highly effective method can be administered in oral form or in an inhalation method using nitrous oxide.
Moderate or deep sedation is sometimes necessary for children that are unable, by either age, maturity or developmental reasons, to cooperate during dental treatment. Whem clinically inidcated, our practice utilizes a licensed anesthesiologist for cases where the patient may pose a threat to their own safety during treatment. This will be discussed with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the patient before treatment to ensure the optimum beneficial outcome.

When sedation may make sense:

  • A very anxious child
  • A child needing complex treatment
  • A child with prior traumatic dental experiences
  • A child with a strong gag reflex

Children who are medically compromised or have special needs
Our pediatric dentists are seasoned experts in helping kids feel safe and happy at the dentistís office, but for some children, the dentistís chair is still just a little bit too scary. For kids that struggle with dentist-related anxiety or fear, sedation dentistry can be a comfortable, and effective option. By using clinically-tested sedatives, we can help your child relax and feel comfortable during dental treatment, and we offer a range of sedatives to suit the unique needs of your child.

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Not all children need sedatives to visit the dentistís office, and our board-certified pediatric dentists are experts at keeping children happy and comfortable during their visit. But if visiting the dentist is just a little too much for your child, sedation dentistry offers an excellent solution. Feel free to reach out to us at our contact page to learn more about sedation dentistry and find out if itís right for your child. We canít wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping your child have an excellent experience at our office Ė whether theyíre happily awake or sleeping soundly through it!